Maasai Community Concern & Children Programme

Started in 2009, our vision is to build an educated and developed Maasai community whose cultural practices contribute positively towards gender and social equity and respect for human rights.

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We connect people world-wide with opportunities to serve.

Maccop is a non-profit making community based organization run by the local Maasai Team based in Olasiti, which is a remote rural village about 22km from the nearest town (Ngong).

We connect people world-wide with opportunities to serve, build the capacity of organizations to effectively involve volunteers, promote volunteerism, and to provide leadership in strategic initiatives related to volunteerism.

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Come to Kenya and experience life in a Maasai reserve!

  • Icon Live and work within the Maasai community on the Maasai Land.
  • Icon Get involved with a school or project within the community.
  • Icon Teaching, work in the Children’s home, primary healthcare & community development.
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Our latest news:

Small things that make a big difference.

A number of people may not understand that “every little things we do, makes a big difference”.  Thank you to all our volunteers from Original Volunteers, Right2Smile and Peace&Love Mariella Malta for doing small and little things which change people’s lives. We always appreciate every effort made. Do something amazing!!!!

Future looking bright for pupils at Osupuko Primary School

This is another Maasai Community we support in Magadi ‘Osupuko Oldonyo Onyokie’ We first visited with 2 volunteers Amy and Rhiannon in 2016.  We met Teacher Joseph Naiputa who started Osupuko Primary school under the tree in 2012. When we started volunteering work in 2017, there were 7 students at Osupuko primary school. Rhiannon and… View Article

Children’s Home Revamped

Great makeover of the main house at the Naserian Children’s Foundation for our beautiful children!! It is amazing the generosity that is shown by volunteers who come and work with us in Kenya. We are very lucky to have partnered up with some great groups, one being Peace & Love Mariella Malta.  In July this… View Article

Journals from our team:

12 May 2018
Volunteers Adam & Lizzie 2017
25 February 2018
Arts & Crafts Activity.
25 February 2018
Volunteers Callum & Ellisa 2017.